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Welcome to Growin' Strong Homestead!

Growin' Strong Homestead was created in 2020 and is run and operated by the sisters, Ashlee and Bineche, and Ashlee's husband, Nick. Big things are happening on this little urban homestead in Southwest, Oklahoma! For now, Growin' Strong Homestead consists of a patio vegetable and herb garden! 

Here's a little more about our family team:


Ashlee is the original founder of Growin' Strong Homestead. She is momma to 3 incredible kids (Sophee, 11; Sydnee, 11; Simon, 7) and wife to her incredible Husband, Nick. Her interests are many, but most of all she loves all things outdoors, gardening, animals of any kind, coffee and of course her family. 

Ashlee primarily runs the social media for Growin' Strong Homestead and is also the main crafter behind most products and projects. 

She is so excited to be able to go on this incredible journey with her husband, Nick, and her sister, Bineche!


Nick is a driving force and a dedicated worker for Growin' Strong Homestead. Not only is he the husband to Ashlee and the dad of their 3 amazing kids, but he is a practical mind that helps drive the plans of the Homestead forward. 

Nick enjoys PC gaming, making gaming videos for his Youtube channel, playing drumset, and cheeseburgers. 

Currently Nick is the primary supporter for his family and a supportive role for the homestead doing any tasks necessary for it to thrive.


 Bineche is an aspiring writer, wine and coffee enthusiast, and single mother to two beautiful children! (Nero, 7 and Fenris 3) She loves all things outdoors - hiking, camping, glamping-, gaming, writing fiction, as well as gardening which led her to help build this wonderful site with her sister Ashlee, and brother in law, Nick! If she’s not spending time with her boys, she’s writing. If she’s not writing, she’s gaming, if she’s not gaming, she is studying for her degree, if she’s not studying she’s writing even more! She hopes you’ll enjoy her blogs here and feel welcome!

We would love to hear from you! Click our contact page or email us at 

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